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We want you! Come To Join Us!

We are looking for someone who wants to make more money💰💰💰

It's you! Possess an enviable appearance, a good physique, a witty conversation?

We can make you better, provide you with professional training courses, learn orthodox massage techniques, help guests relax physically and mentally in an elegant and comfortable environment, and accumulate wealth for yourself.


It doesn't matter if you don't have the above excellent conditions!

We help you build self-confidence, train interpersonal communication skills and learn professional massage skills, so that you can hold your head high and create your own sky!


We are looking for partners who want to work part-time! We are a professional team, a group of massage masters with ideals and skills, looking for friends with common ideas to become our partners, we will establish different branches in the future and need you to join us💪 💪 💪


Easy monthly income of 100,000, it is definitely the store with the highest commission in the industry, and you can get cash pockets full every day 💵💵💵


Job Title: Massage Therapist

Conditions: Only men, willing to learn professional massage techniques

Job content: finger pressure, oil pressure, professional rehabilitation.

Work location: Greater Taipei area

If you are interested, please add line: shinystarspa


Looking for handsome guys who want to earn 100,000 a month from part-time jobs

Working hours by appointment only

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