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🙆‍♂️Studio service price
120 minutes $3000
120 minutes Two persons four hands $6000
90 minutes $2500
60 minutes $2000
If you need to add $500 per half hour, please let us know 30 minutes in advance ^^

㊙ hidden version master
Blind package plan 120 minutes $5000
And super hidden version $20000

🚃Handsome discount master when going out
Teng Hao, Ace: $3000 for a trip to the north of Taoyuan
Aku: $3000 for a trip to the north

💼Office workers' favorite orthodox tendon massage 120 minutes $2500
60 minutes $1500 Professional team: Tugou, Junxi

🧳An additional $500 will be charged for all outbound services, and an additional $50 will be charged per kilometer for more than 10 kilometers from Taipei Main Station
A deposit is required for outbound services!

🛏If the studio is full on the day of appointment, the outing location Ximending area will be exempted from $500 going out fee

🌙An additional $500 subsidy will be charged for service hours beyond 00:00 in the middle of the night
A deposit is required for all late-night services!

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